Become a Host

Abundant Harvest WANTS YOU!

We are currently looking for hosts in Northern California along the 99 Annahighway north of Fresno. If you live in this area and can answer yes to all of the following drop us a line!

    • Are you passionate about organic food?
    • Are you well connected in your community?
    • Are you computer savvy?
    • Do you love talking to people and encouraging/assisting them when they have questions and concerns?
    • Are you self-motivated, well organized, and interested in marketing?
    • Are you willing to make a weekly commitment to hosting a site, rain or shine?
    • Do you have access to a vehicle that can hold our produce boxes if necessary?


PLEASE NOTE! Before launching a delivery site
all new Abundant Harvest Organics Host must:

    • Obtain a business license if required by your city
    • Find and establish a central pick up location in your area (i.e. a hostwithboxes-flippedbusiness lot, church parking lot, public park, or any unused building with parking area) which can legally and physically allow for the temporary parking of our refrigerated delivery trucks
    • Sign up a minimum of 35 new subscribers (committed with a credit card on file)
    • Have a smartphone, email, and high-speed internet access
    • Be committed to running a positive campaign, emphasizing what is good about Abundant Harvest and not what is bad about the other guy. We believe in the importance of organic farming but do not believe in criticizing conventional farmers as many are our friends and neighbors


As a community host, you would be running your own business.

You would have tax advantages that would allow you to write off a percentage or all of the items that pertain to the business in any way. (There is no sales tax in selling of raw agricultural products.) Compensation: A community host receives 6% of all gross sales at their delivery site.


If you are interested in bringing Abundant Harvest Organics
to your community please email our new host coordinator