Customize your Delivery Schedule

Subscriber1“The best thing about Abundant Harvest Organics, apart from the amazing produce, is the ability to get it when I want to—so that it fits my lifestyle.”
~ P. Mead, Chico, CA

You Decide When You Get Your Box

A great feature of the Abundant Harvest Organics service is that it truly does fit your lifestyle. Often times people will tell us that they can’t quite get through all of the fruits and vegetables in their box each week, so we offer customized scheduling options based on your lifestyle.

When life takes an unexpected turn, you go on vacation or you need to take a break during the summer while you grow a summer garden… we are here and ready when you come back.

We also have many people that enjoy getting a small or large box every other week. We give you the ability to set yourself on vacation when you need to. Once you sign up you will be able to adjust your schedule as needed in the “Vacation Weeks” section of your profile.

How to Set Vacation

Log in to your account and click the “Delivery/Vacation Schedule” link at the top of the page. You will see a calendar that will have two options listed on your scheduled delivery dates. Click on the button for Vacation and that date will be set for vacation. The calendar goes out about 10 months so you can plan well in advance. There is a minimum 10-day notice required to set a vacation so once you are within 10 days of a delivery, that option is no longer available for that delivery date. If you have a vacation week scheduled and decide you would like to receive your delivery after all, you can remove your vacation up until 9am Monday morning for a Friday/Saturday delivery, 9am Thursday morning for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

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See How Subscribers Customize Their Delivery Schedules

261435_10150258036378630_5258989_nTwo Weeks On, One Week Off: “I have a family of four and after a couple weeks we find ourselves backing up on a few things. So we put ourselves on vacation every third week and have a large box delivered for two weeks and then one week off. It is great, it saves us money, our fridge isn’t cluttered and we eat the right amount of vegetables.” ~ K. Marshall, San Diego, CA

Small Family: “I’m a single person and can’t seem to finish a whole box each week. I do my best because I really feel like we all don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. But, I get my box every other week and it works great for me.”  ~ D. Callen, Chico, CA

Busy Traveler: “My husband and I like to travel. So I look at my calendar and put myself on vacation when we need to and get our box when we are in town. It’s GREAT!  AND what is even better is when we travel up to Redding to visit our daughter, we have our box delivered to that site and we get to share our box with her.”  ~J. Kelly, Burbank, CA

Summer Garden: “We grow a summer garden but love our Abundant Harvest so we go on vacation from June to August. It is great knowing we’ll get all of those healthy vegetables throughout the winter to keep us healthy and strong.” ~ B. Winter, Pasadena, CA