Eat Seasonally and Support California Organic Farmers

Photo By: Courtnay Robbins Bragagnolo Photography

There is nothing better than eating with the seasons. Our grandparents did it and our great-grandparents did it and well, it’s just plain fun aside from being the most natural! Plus, we suspect there is a reason why citrus is ripe during cold season when you need your Vitamin C… get the picture?

In the spring we eat more leafy greens. In the summer, we eat foods like strawberries, zucchini and corn. In the fall it’s root vegetables and in winter, rich, hearty squash and immune boosting oranges and other citrus.

Eating Seasonally costs less and can save resources too. When purchasing foods that are in season it means:

  • They may have traveled fewer miles, saving money on transport costs
  • Supply is greater so prices will be down

Another plus about eating seasonally with Abundant Harvest Organics is that you help California organic family farmers. The harder it is for a farmer to get his or her produce into your hands, the more it costs THEM! So direct from farmer to subscriber is the way we go!

Our farmers are some of the finest, most hard working people you’ll ever know. Here at Abundant Harvest Organics we are privileged to have these men and women harvesting fruits and vegetables to go into your box every week. Just know that by buying your weekly box, you are helping to keep these hard working California organic farmers in business.