Getting too much Produce?

too-much-produceFeeling a little overwhelmed?

We’re here to help with these suggestions:

  1. Put yourself “on vacation” so you receive your box when you want it… every week, every other week, two weeks on, one week off… whatever fits your lifestyle. You will only be charged for the weeks you actually receive a box. (See instructions below on how to customize your delivery schedule in your account.)
  2. Give some of your produce to others. Maybe you have a friend, co-worker or family member who needs to eat healthier–share the love–it will help you and it will help them.
  3. Split the cost of your box with a friend. We have many subscribers who split their boxes. Splitting a large box with someone else gets you a bit more variety and can work out to be less expensive than getting a small box just for yourself.
  4. “Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables!” We really should be eating all of our box contents each week in order to get the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables. So many of us dine out when we should be cooking… make it a priority to get home and make a wholesome meal.
  5. Freeze leftover produce. Did you know you can chop vegetables and freeze them? There are hundreds of resources online that give suggestions on how to keep your fruits and veggies long term. We also have storage tips on the Abundant Harvest Kitchen recipe blog.
  6. Blend it! Whip up some greens with some fruit (bananas, apples, etc.) and a few ice cubes and enjoy… here’s to your health!

How to Customize Your Delivery Schedule:

Log in to your account. At the top of your profile page you will see a navigation link that says “Vacation Weeks.” Click on that link to view your delivery schedule, and then customize the schedule to fit your lifestyle.