Getting Your Kids on Board

Healthy Eating and Healthy Eating Habits for Life

We know it’s tough to get kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, but we also know it’s worth the effort—for the short and long term.

Children who eat more fresh produce are just plain healthier in so many ways… but it is not always easy to get them to “eat their veggies.”

We asked our subscribers how they get their kids to try new fruits and veggies from the box, and here is what a few of them told us:

“I bring my daughter with me to the delivery site. She get’s excited on Tuesdays when we go get our veggie box. When we get home we unpack it together and talk about the vegetables. I really don’t have any issues with her eating veggies now. It is great.”
Nicole Williams ~ Chico, CA Subscriber

“We make a lot of smoothies with the kids. We slowly put greens in their smoothies and as they got darker and darker green we started calling them “power shakes” and the kids now ask for them by name. It was a gradual thing over a few weeks, but now they love them.”
Canyon Country, CA Subscriber

“Vegetables can be cooked or pureed into spaghetti sauce or soup and they will never know.”
Keith Collins ~ San Diego, CA