Packing your reusable bag

**You will need to bring a personal reusable bag or box to carry the produce from the pick up location. If you would like to purchase a reusable tote from us, we have that available on the website that you can add to your cart.

We want to be sure everyone knows how to pack their personal bag/container the most convenient and most produce-friendly way. After trial and error, we finally have two methods that work (though if you find others, let us know!). We recommend purchasing this reusable bag for it’s durability and insulated enclosure, but you are mor

1. Hand-over-hand: This method is the quickest way to pack your bag (1 minute large box; 30 seconds small box) and the most produce-friendly.

2. Bundle it: You are more than welcome to try it for your bigger box, but we found this method works best for small boxes. It also takes about 1 minute to transfer.

Well, we hope you enjoy!