Base Prices of the Boxes

pricing page - website$25.80 for the Small Box    $42.30 for the Large Box
$4 Add-ons Only Delivery Fee

Some delivery sites have a delivery surcharge, which is added to the base price for those delivery sites. The total price of the box, including any surcharge, is listed on the Delivery Sites page. A sample of some of our current available add-ons can be found on our This Week’s Add-on page.

There is a one time Membership Fee of $15 per subscription order whether it be boxes, or the Add-on Only option; the fee covers the shipment and replacement of your box. The fee will be charged at sign up and is non-refundable.  The Add-on Only option includes a $4 delivery fee (home delivery surcharges may also apply) and does not include a produce box. You will have the option to change your box size, or select add-ons only for each delivery, after your initial choice.

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Box Sizes and Portions

The small box feeds approximately 2–4 people and the large box about 4–6 people, depending on each family’s eating habits. The best thing to do is to sign up and start receiving your box. Once you have an idea of how much produce you need every week, you can change your box size and/or customize your delivery schedule to fit your needs.

When and How You Will Be Charged

Your box of produce and any add-ons that you have ordered will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card at approximately:

  • 9am every Monday if your delivery day is Friday/Saturday, or
  • 9am every Thursday if your delivery day is Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

You will always be billed for your delivery prior to your delivery day. We will email you an invoice showing either the box you have purchased and any add-ons that you will be receiving, or the individual add-ons you have selected for your Add-ons Only subscription. The invoice will show the total amount charged to your credit/debit card and will include the delivery date.

You will not be charged if you have previously scheduled a vacation. There is a minimum 10-day notice required to set a vacation. This is so that your farmers have time to plan what to harvest and schedule their crews. This 10-day window makes their lives a little easier by enabling better planning.

Deadline for Making Changes to Your Delivery

The deadline for ordering add-ons and changing your box size or delivery location for a delivery date is always:

  • Prior to the time that your charges are scheduled to process