Super Convenient for Busy Lives

photoWe offer a fresh organic box of produce that you can either pick up quickly or have delivered to your home or office (check delivery sites for available home delivery sites).

The best way to tell you how convenient our service is, is to hear it from our current subscribers.

“I barely have enough time to keep up with house chores, let alone spend hours in the grocery store. What I like best is that I just pick up my box with my add-ons (which takes 10 minutes) and I now only have to go shopping maybe once a month. It is so convenient for me and my family.” 
Gina D. ~ Bakersfield, CA

“I love that I don’t have to think about what I am going to buy – it just comes to me. I don’t have to plan a grocery list. I just know that each week someone is going to pick for me the best, most awesome tasting foods and I just eat that. It is a no-brainer.”
Kelly J. ~ Agoura Hills, CA

“My family and I are trying to eat healthier. One of my biggest downfalls is how easy it is to eat unhealthy – grab a box of this or a can of that and it’s dinner. With this service, I actually have fun making quick and easy meals and putting healthy food right in my face. If it comes in the box I know it is healthy. Since starting this service I have lost 28 pounds and am still going. I love it and would not miss a week.”
Amy C. ~ Corning, CA

“I don’t have time to think about food or menu planning or anything like that. I work 10-12 hour days and when I get home I need to eat fast. I used to come home and finish a bag of chips, or have cheese and crackers… now I just get out the stir fry pan, chop up a few things and dinner is served. Or toss a quick salad with some of the unique vegetables in the box. I can’t thank you enough for making my life easier and certainly healthier.”
Joseph B. ~ Pasadena, CA