Thinking About Cancelling?

We don’t want to see you go.

Take a look at some of the most common reasons why people cancel and then let us know if there is something we can do to help you stay with us.

“I can’t finish all of the fruits and veggies.”
If you are having trouble finishing your box, you can do a couple things:

  • Put yourself on vacation every other week
  • Try sharing your box with a neighbor or a friend
  • Search the Abundant Harvest Kitchen recipe blog and our facebook page to reach out and find new things to do with the food

“I can’t afford it.”

  • Try putting yourself on vacation every other week or every third week to save money.
  • Do some comparison shopping: once you realize how much it will cost you to buy what you are getting in your box each week, you will find that you are actually saving money.
  • Share a large box with a friend. By doing that you will save about $3 a week.

“I can’t pick up my box on time.”

  • Talk to your host and see if there is something that you can work out, whether it be a later pick up time, delivery to your house or work—there are many options—just ask!

“I travel too much.”

  • We understand that our lifestyles are busy. If you are traveling for pleasure and it is within California, take a look at our delivery sites and see if you can get your box when you are on the road… or vacation out when you are traveling so that you get your box when you are in town.

“I’m not satisfied with the produce.”

  • We stand behind everything we sell. If an item in your Abundant Harvest Organics box needs to be replaced, let your host know within 72 hours of receiving your delivery and we will replace it (with the same or similar of equal value, depending on availability) the next time you receive a delivery.