We Precycle!


Precycling Over 100,000 Cardboard Boxes per Year

The plastic, reusable box that we pack your produce in replaces about 49 cardboard boxes each year for each subscriber.

That’s over 100,000 boxes per year that will not enter the waste/recycling stream. The term for this is precycling. Why recycle when you can precycle?

Then there’s all the precycled packaging that does not exist for each item in the box. At the grocery store, you’d have a dozen plastic bags just to get your stuff to the check out line. And then they’d put it into more bags to get it to your car. With your Abundant Harvest Organics box, you end up with a little kraft paper, which the worms in the compost pile are thankful for.

Not only that, those of you who’ve been here know that all the farmers use precycling to get their produce to us. We provide a sanitized harvest container for them to pick into, which saves more natural resources here than you can imagine.

Ya gotta love it!