Abundant Harvest Podcast #4 In The Kitchen at Rancho Piccolo

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Join us this episode for around the kitchen table talk with your farmers David and Michelle Silveira of Rancho Piccolo and their two kids, Antonio and Joseph. Hear how David and Michelle learned to cook, find out what Mr. Miyagi’s “wax on, wax off” advice has to do with making a killer curry, and get in on the secret to savoring leafy green veggies. To top it off, straight from your farmers’ mouths, we’ve got word of three super easy, super delicious, family-favorite recipes to use this season’s fresh beets and parsnips


From the Field to the Kitchen at Rancho Piccolo

A dinner straight from the field is a regular occurrence at the Silveira household, and meal preparation is a family affair. With 60 acres of organic veggies surrounding their ranch house, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have some extra hands to shuck, mince, grate, chop, and sauté. Oh, and lots of help with the eating part too.

Silveira Family Favorite Recipes 

Starting about 7 minutes into this 16 minute episode, Michelle talks us through three of her family’s favorite recipes.

A kid endorsed Chilled Borscht Soup

A Jamaican inspired Curried Coconut Parsnips

And a super easy Glazed Parsnip side dish

They’re all astoundingly simple to make, extraordinarily delicious, and almost foolproof. In fact, I tried two at home, and even when I forgot to add the the sugar to the soup, and accidentally skipped steaming the parsnips in the curry, the dishes turned out great and I was happy to share with family and friends.


Jack Kinney wrote our theme song and it is performed by the Valley Oak Band

This week’s episode also features music from The Sugar Beets, Dan Webb and the Spiders, and Daniel Adam Johnson from music.mevio.com

About the Abundant Harvest Podcast

The Abundant Harvest Podcast is simply bringing the family farm to the airwaves with our show about food, farming, seasonal eating, and how you and your farmer fit into the food system. Our hope, as always, is to provide yet another mode of connection for you to learn about your food and connect with your farmer. We’d love to hear back from you! Comment below or send an email with comments, ideas, or questions to amybeth@abundantharvestorganics.com 

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