Apricots and Apriums

General Info

Apricots are related to peaches and have a smooth, sweet golden flesh with a slightly tart flavor.

Apriums are a hybrid produced from a cross between a plum and an apricot, the same as a pluot, but apriums look more like apricots.  Uncle Vern’s Tasty Rich Apriums open up stone fruit season for the AHO produce boxes each spring. Tasty Rich have a flavor most similar to an apricot, with a hint of plum in the aftertaste.

Serving Suggestions

Apricots and Apriums are great for out of hand eating.

Eat fresh, grill, or use in baked goods, syrups, or to flavor summer drinks.

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Leave them out on your counter until they’re fully ripe. You’ll know when they’re ready by the fragrance, warm color, and slight give between your fingers when you squeeze them. They’re likely to be ready one to two days after they reach you.

It’s important to keep moisture and condensation off the fruit, so do your best to keep them dry. Allow plenty of air to circulate around the fruit as it ripens. They’ll keep better spread on the counter than if they were piled on top of each other in a fruit bowl.
Once they’re ripe, you can seal them in a plastic bag and store them in the fridge. Include a paper towel or kitchen towel in the plastic storage bag to collect the moisture.

Just pull a few out at a time to let them warm to room temperature for the best eating experience.

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Tasty Rich Apriums

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