Bloomsdale Spinach

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General Info

Bloomsdale is an heirloom variety that has little to no oxalic acid, making it fantastic for eating raw and just wilted because it lacks the bitter/pucker-worthy aftertaste. The lack of oxalic acid also means that all of the nutrients and minerals are available.

Serving Suggestions

Bloomsdale spinach is great raw in salads, or slightly wilted with pastas or in soups. This type of spinach holds its bulk better and won’t cook down in the pan as much as other varieties. It can be steamed or boiled like regular spinach, but is at its best when cooked for the least amount of time. Just a minute and a half in a sauté pan should do the trick. Baby Bloomsdale is excellent eaten raw in salads, or with pastas with some grassy California olive oil and vinegar.


Make sure you dry your Bloomsdale spinach as much as possible before storing it in a plastic bag or other air-tight container in the fridge. Keep it dry and pick out the leaves as they start breaking down. Use your baby Bloomsdale within five days or so.

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