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Bok choy, also known as pak choy or Chinese cabbage,  is a cruciferous Asian vegetable, related to cabbages, broccoli, and brussels sprouts.  Bok choy does not form a head, but rather grows in a bundle of leafy blades.

Serving Suggestions

The entire plant is edible, tender leaves and crunchy stalks. You can separate the leaves by cutting off the base of the plant. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, as dirt can become stuck in the cracks between the leaves.
Bok choy is perfect for a stir-fry, sautéed lightly in oil,  steamed, or added to noodle soups. It can be used as a substitute for Napa cabbage, as the stalks have a similar crunch and flavor.  When preparing, separate the tender leaves from the stalks, so they can be added separately to your dish.

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As is the case with all greens, be sure the choy is dry before stored in a plastic bag. Either wait to wash until you are ready to use it, or use a salad spinner to dry the leaves, then store with a paper towel in a plastic bag for four days to a week.


We have several varieties of bok choy in our fall and winter boxes each year.


Mei Qing Choy 


Red Choy


White Choi

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