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Carrots are in the parsley family and are related to celery, fennel, dill, and coriander. They are a winter and spring crop, made sweeter by the kiss of first frost.

Serving Suggestions

Carrots can be eaten raw, steamed, roasted, sauteed, pureed, or stir-fried.

The green tops of carrots are edible, though they tend to have a bitter taste. Green tops can be used in pestos, soups, and mixed greens. Use garlic, vinegars or honey to enrich the flavors.

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Keep carrots unwashed until you are ready to use them. Store the carrots in a plastic bag in the fridge. If you can keep the carrots from losing moisture, they should last you several weeks.

Keep carrots away from ethylene releasing fruits and veggies, as the gas will turn them bitter.
If the green tops are attached, cut them off about an inch above the carrot before storing. If left attached, the greens will continue to draw moisture from the root and the carrots won’t last as long.



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