Cherry Tomatoes

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General Info

It is believed that the first tomatoes were small like cherry tomatoes.

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop into the fall months, the speed the tomatoes ripens on the vine slows. They typically appear in the Abundant Harvest boxes from June to October.

Serving Suggestions 

Cherry tomatoes are generally sweeter than tomatoes, though a few of the varieties our farmers are growing, such as the Black Cherries and the Juliets, have more of a full bodied tomato taste.

Use cherry tomatoes in salads or roasted and spread on sandwiches or pizza.

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As with regular tomatoes, store your cherry tomatoes on the counter at room temperature. They ought to last a week, but keep an eye on them and eat them soon. They can be stored in the fridge for a short time after they have been cut.


In the Abundant Harvest boxes we’ve had a combination of these varieties over the years: Sweet 100, Black Cherries, White Cherries, Grape Cherries, Juliets, Red Round Cherries, and Kingsburg Gold.

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