Chocolate Mint

By October 30, 2012Herbs, Storage, Tips

General Info

Chocolate mint is a hybrid variety of mint that has a hint of chocolate in both its flavor and its aroma.

Serving Suggestions

There are hundreds of mint herb hybrids out there, but when it comes to topping fresh strawberries, making homemade ice cream, and brewing refreshing tea, chocolate mint takes the cake.  Use your chocolate mint in drinks and cocktails, fruit salads, desserts like brownies and cake, sauces, smoothies, or any food that seems to call out for a kick of more chocolatey goodness.


Store chocolate mint as you would fresh flowers, stem ends down in a glass of water, loosely covered with a plastic bag in the fridge or sealed in a plastic bag in the fridge with a paper towel or dishcloth to absorb moisture.

Chocolate mint is can also be dried. See a step by step guide for drying mint.

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