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Cucumbers are fruits botanically, but are used more like a vegetable. They are related to melons and squash.

Serving Suggestions

Use your cucumbers in salads, on sandwiches, for homemade pickles, or sliced and served with dip or hummus for an afternoon snack. They can be juiced or infused into water for a refreshing, cool summer drink.

A cucumber’s mild clean taste makes it a great partner for strong flavors like vinegar or salty cheeses.

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Cucumbers, like tomatoes and eggplant, will do just fine stored on a cool counter top, rather than in the fridge. Cucumbers can be stored in the fridge also, but after three days of cold temperatures, they are susceptible to injury from the cold.


Pickling cucumbers have a thinner skin, and stand up better to the brining process when making pickles than slicing cumbers do, but both types can be used interchangeably: raw in salads, on sandwiches, or in juice or smoothies.

Armenian cucumbers have a mild flavor and are great for slicing and pickling. English cucumbers are also known as seedless. They do have seeds but they are very small. English cucumbers have a thin skin and sweeter taste than American cucumbers.


Armenian Cucumbers

English Cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers

Slicing Cucumbers

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