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The herb dill derived its name from the old Norse word, “dilla,” meaning to sooth, calm, or lull. 

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Dill has a sweet flavor with a cucumber-like aftertaste and is used often in Russian, Mediterranean, and African food traditions. Use it sparingly in recipes as its flavor can sometimes overwhelm other ingredients.

Dill is great in cream or wine-based sauces. It can also be paired with yogurt, cucumbers, lentils, tomatoes, and seafood or poultry dishes. Cut the leaves with kitchen shears to best use them in cooking.

A great and easy recipe for a dill sauce that can be used with veggies or fish can be made with plain yogurt, dill, and a few teaspoons of Dijon mustard, mixed to taste.

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Store your dill in a plastic bag in the fridge to use fresh within a week or dry it for future use.

The dried leaves of the dill herb have as much flavor as the fresh leaves; dill is one of the only herbs to have this characteristic trait. It is also one of the only herbs of which the seeds and leaves are used in cooking. See a step by step guide for drying herbs.

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