Creating amazing meals with local, organic ingredients doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Enjoying fresh organic produce direct from your local California farms just got easier!

In our most recent video, Uncle Vern showed just how fun and simple it is to enjoy a box of amazing organic fruits and veggies each week.

As a member of the Abundant Harvest Organics family, here’s what you can expect…

The freshest possible produce—direct from local farms.

Every item from Abundant Harvest Organics is locally sourced from California family farms, allowing you to receive a weekly organic fruit and vegetable delivery right to your California neighborhood! From our fields one day to your table the next—every item is flavorful, in-season and straight-from-the-farm fresh.

100% organic goodness. No exceptions.

Breathe easier knowing every item from Abundant Harvest Organics is 100% pure organic goodness. From fresh produce to unique pantry items to ready-made entrees, we have you covered!

Unsurpassed value.

We’re committed to helping Californians Eat Better by providing organic produce at an affordable price. We all enjoy life the most when we’re healthy and feeling our best. We want that for our family—and for yours!

No more boring, un-inspired meals.

You bring your appetite. We’ll bring the inspiration. Each week your produce box comes with helpful recipes inspired by the ingredients in your box. No more searching for ways to use your brussels sprouts or fresh turnips. Eating healthy, creative meals just got so much easier!

A one-stop-shopping option.

Save time, energy and money usually spent on multiple trips to the grocery store. From our fresh produce delivery to unique pantry items and ready-made meals, you’ll love our online one-stop-shopping approach. Delivered to your designated neighborhood location each week, it’s just that easy!

Let us help you simplify dinnertime
for good!

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