Fresh Facts 10: The Best Season of the Year… Fall!

By November 12, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Fall. I guess every season is my favorite season when it’s that season. Maybe it’s like your children or grandchildren; they’re each your favorite when you’re with them and the good thing about seasons is they come one at a time so you can just enjoy the character of each.

Right now it’s fall, so let me tell you why fall is my favorite season right now:

***First off, the weather is fabulous, the best all year.

***Second, the days are shorter so when you work with the sun, you don’t have to work so long.

***Third, there is a sense of “the restoration of order.” During winter, weather (cold, wet, fog) is disruptive to whatever you had planned for today. During spring, bloom protection, rain, frost, lots of people in all directions and bugs just complicate the complex. Summer is harvest and harvest dictates life. But fall is fall. Plenty to do, but you can make a schedule, to do lists that get scratched off. And things you’ve been meaning to do get done. The shop, my desk, the equipment corral all get organized.

***Fourth—and this is just really exciting to me—fall means soil health enhancement. In this regard, fall has always meant spreading enough of our chicken manure. A balanced program meant enough to make next year’s crop without producing too much vegetative growth; seat of the pants, boots in the furrow, tractor seat observation backed-up by soil and leaf analysis, trial and error.

While all of the above is still essential, we’ve added a new discipline: supporting microbial activity in the soil so that positive community can support our trees and get you the most incredible nutrition possible. Did I mention this is just really exciting to me?

It’s like a whole new career building on the old one, that built on the ones before that and the whole inter-relationality of microbes to plums is a source of unending wonder for your Uncle Vern. Microbes in the soil, on the leaves and fruit, and in our own gut foundationing the immune systems, fighting off diseases both plant and human make the present wondrous and the future dazzling. This is the future of health, and I get a front row seat. If you’re a youth influencer, this biological frontier has unending application across many disciplines for people gifted to see through biological filters.

***Finally—at least for this note—fall is reckoning. The old sayings: “Money’s not important unless you don’t have it” and “Sustainability means paying your obligations so you can do it again next year” are most true this time of year. I’ve certainly had many where money was important and I couldn’t. The trip in to town to talk to the banker on those years probably didn’t score fall as my favorite season then.

But this year, the bills are paid, the bank notes are current, the weather’s beautifully crisp, work days are just right, order is restored, and the microbial community is joyfully harmonizing the Hallelujah Chorus!

Eat better!

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