Fresh Facts 13: Gratitude and the Joys of Snow

By December 4, 2016Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for lots of reasons. It comes at a slow time of year. It’s just family and food and gratitude. And we’re collectively grateful as a nation.

I was pleased with all the retailers who checked-out of the Black Friday materialism this year saying people (including their employees) should gratefully spend the day with family; maybe priorities are changing after all.

One thing for sure, gratitude and happiness are inseparable. There’s no such thing as gratefully grumpy. Gratitude is different from satisfaction; gratitude implies a gift.

You’ll also notice that grateful and generous go together. People who realize life and things are a gift more readily share regardless their economic situation. I like to ring the Salvation Army bell every year in front of Save Mart the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The whole town it seems comes through, so I know a good chunk of the folks; the 2 hours goes by in a flash. Anyway, it’s just an observation, but the people who drop something in the kettle for others, leave with a sparkle and a spring in their step; but you knew that.

Here’s a few things to be grateful for you might not have thought of.

Until the early 1800’s, with the invention of the automatic loom, cloth had to be made by hand and was thus very expensive. Just a couple hundred years ago, only royalty wore underwear, the rest of us commoners went commando. That oughtta up the thankfulness meter.

How about indoor plumbing. Just the ability to turn a faucet and have water inside our homes instead of trekking down to the river, creek or well and hauling it home is an incredible gift.

If you have more than one pair of shoes, you’re in the top ½ of the world’s population economically…While most of the world spends most of its resources on food, the first world only spends 15-20% and Americans spend half of that at 7-9%, leaving over 90% of our income for other things.

I’m writing this on Sunday from Hume. It snowed about a foot last night and we just spent a couple hours playing in it with Skylee (5)and Micah (2 ½). Such incalculable joy from an 8 foot tall sled run, from making snow angels and a snow man and throwing snow balls.

I’m grateful for the gift of family close by, working and playing together: that’s quite rare these days. I’m very grateful for a job that we can all work at together and that makes the world a little bit better.

I’m grateful for the good health we all enjoy and that we can share healthy food with so many people. I’m grateful for each of you that so often write or stop by for a visit with your family. I believe this Abundant Harvest Alliance between farm and town families is pretty special.

So thank you for your gift of friendship to us.

Eat Healthy!!!

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