Fresh Facts 14: How To Stay Younger Longer

By December 11, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Bam! 80 degrees day before yesterday, then some rain, fog this morning, and ground frost. Feels great, feels right, feels like December!

Okay, here are some craaayzy numbers I’ve heard lately. They may or may not be true, but sound plausible; here goes:

***Half the people who have ever lived to be 80 are alive today.

***There are as many people living today as have died in all of history.

***Due to declining birth rates, there will never be more children on the planet than right now. Earth’s population will continue to grow for a while due to longevity, peaking about 2050 and then declining; I should see that.

***Half of the babies born in 1999 are expected to live in three different centuries.
Told ya the numbers would be crazy. Here’s what I do know: people are living a whole lot longer. When I was a kid and someone in their late 60s died, the adults would say: “Well, he had a good long life.” Today, we would say: “Wow, she died young!”

Lots of people are retiring from their first career at 60 and starting a second. Some because they need the money, but many to pursue a passion, help others, support charitable causes… Lord willing, I plan to be actively contributing on the farm till I’m 80…before starting the next career; we shall see.

Here’s my point: It would be depressing to stay old longer, but it’s exciting to think about being young longer, of productively contributing for an extra quarter century or so longer than our grandparents, and I don’t see any reason not to. Go into any top end bicycle shop and you’ll find it full of 70-year-olds talking about recent or up-coming century rides (100 miles) like it was eating breakfast.

Here’s what I see from my 60-year-old vantage point, and I want to be clear, sometimes life just happens cruelly, nobody’s fault. I also want to say I’m not a doctor so take this as just the observations of an organic farmer in Kingsburg. Generally, my classmates who have taken care of themselves, are quite healthy. Life’s choices, good or bad pay compounding dividends.

Regular strenuous exercise, balanced diet, avoid and eliminate toxins. Cancer is a disease of toxicity, tumors exist to protect the body by encapsulating toxins.

There are endo (internal) and exo (external) toxins. Some of each are unavoidable, others can be. Toxic relationships; including most news sources are exotoxins, treat them so. Better to have just a few friends who see rightly, better to be ill informed than misinformed, bathing in emotional toxicity. Detox by working to help others, going on a digital fast, forgiving, camping in the woods!

And since this note accompanies an organic food supply, you’d expect the author to shamelessly blow that horn; and you’re correct. As the French say: ‘better to pay the farmer than the doctor.’ Detox with plenty of organic, biologically grown food, sweat, clean water, and camping in the woods.

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  • David Harris says:

    Hi Cassandra, It would be challenging to find more optimism & wisdom than what you offer here, so succinctly. Thank you!

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