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Fresh Facts 28: Eat Better

By March 19, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

You Abundant Harvest Organics members are now the proud owners of a fresh new website, and I know you’re going to enjoy it. It’s less cluttered, it’s easy, it’s mobile friendly. You see something on Brittney’s e-mail you like, just click it.

We have a new motto as well: EAT BETTER. That’s what this is all about after all – making it easier for our members to eat better. You guys know that getting this weekly box of fresh, local, organic produce guarantees eating better, and eating better helps you feel better, live better, enjoy life and family better…eating better just makes all of life better. And eating better is now easier.

This is something we’ve been working on for about 9 months. It’s our 2nd major revision, or the 3rd AHO website, and it came off with very few hiccups. Some of you have been along virtually from day one when there weren’t even any produce add-ons, much less all the nuts, grains, dairy, and prepared food. Pretty much every week for quite a while going forward, we are going to be opening new eating better doors, and that’s all I’m going to say about that today.

So, last week, we were talking about using biologicals — good microorganisms — to control disease during bloom time in our orchards, and you were probably thinking: so, that’s interesting, but why should I care? Why does how you farm Uncle Vern make my life better, help me eat better? I am so stoked to answer that question.

Eating better means eating food your digestive system can break down easily into positive life fuel. And here’s a very important concept. Healthy food not only breaks down easily in your stomach, it also breaks down very easily on your shelf. This is huge for your health, but it’s counter intuitive. We’ve been trained to expect that fruit shouldn’t rot, bread shouldn’t mold… Really, says who?

If you picked a basket of strawberries out of your garden and set them on your counter for a few days, we all know what would happen. If I grind grain and bake fresh bread and leave it on the counter, I’m going to be disappointed in a few days, but not surprised when it molds.

The fungicide on your fruit, the preservatives in your bread make it harder for your body to break them down; plus, these chemicals that kill the microbes outside your gut do that in your gut, weakening your immune system. Good food breaks down easily.

So back on the organic farm, we use biologicals from bloom, through harvest. You’re eating better, your health is better, and when the fruit comes in your box each week, it’s not for decorating, eat it for goodness sake!

And How about Cliff’s oranges?!! I’ve never had such juicy sweet oranges ever. And Rick’s mandarins are just fun. Botta Bing you’ve got ‘em peeled and in your mouth; no fuss. I love how little kids enjoy peeling, segmenting and eating mandarins. There’s a look of pride and accomplishment of a task I can do all by mysewf. It’s fun and easy to EAT BETTER!

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