Fresh Facts 29: Excellence

By March 26, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

So, ‘any living thing that isn’t busy growing is busy dying’ is a concept we’re all familiar with. Some people think that means you have to get bigger, do more, expand, increase… Sounds like a ticket to an early grave to me.

One of the biggest barriers to peace is the unanswered question: “How much is enough?” I don’t have statistics to back me up, but I can guarantee you you’ll never have peace until that’s answered. In writing. With your spouse. Until you answer that question, you’ll always be about a third behind in money, students, acres, jobs booked, jobs collected… Whatever your measure is.

Always about a third short of where you think peace is waiting. Like the guy who said, “I spent most of my life climbing the ladder only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall!”

So, here’s a different thought on the busy growing rule. What if we were busy growing positive relationships. Busy growing our town into the healthiest place around to raise a family. Busy growing responsible kids who become responsible parents. Busy growing our business into the best place to work in our industry.

From this farmer’s perspective, I think that’s the kind of busy growing that’s healthy and sustainable for the long run. It can’t work in a top down forced managed situation, only in a bottom up, led by example, come join me in a better way, I’ll show you how so you can get there too framework.

Here’s another busy growing thought from a professional angle. What if we were busy growing our careers in excellence? Every detail of how we do everything could be done better tomorrow and the day after tomorrow could be more excellent yet.

The world may or may not need more peaches, but it could definitely benefit from an excellent peach experience this year, and that experience could be better yet the next year. Growing in excellence as opposed to quantity is a worthy, sustainable, rewarding goal that benefits everyone involved.

I had no idea when typing started a few minutes ago, that would come out; actually, I just take-off on something that’s going on here on the farm and try to land about the end of the 600 word runway.

Those first two columns were an introduction to a brand-new farming practice we’re doing here this week in pursuit of a more excellent nectarine, apricot, and plum. As you long-timers know, the most devastating recurring natural event comes from hail. We historically lose about one crop in 7. It’s devastating not just for farmers, but for everyone depending on that harvest for employment.

This year, we’re covering those acres with hail netting. Will it work Uncle Vern? We’re all gonna find out together. You’ll be the 2nd to know.

After that intro, you were probably expecting the key to world peace, but growing excellence is just making each part a bit better. But come to think of it, an excellent apricot in everyone’s mouth is guaranteed to make the world more peaceful. Think about it, did you EVER see an angry person eating an excellent apricot? NEVER EVER EVER! It’s a proven physiological impossibility; proving that all we need to do to achieve world peace is to just eat better!

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