Fresh Facts 3: It’s Been 10 Years!!

By September 25, 2016Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Well, you won’t believe it — I don’t believe it — but we just finished 10 years of Abundant Harvest Organics; I would have bet it was 4 or 5.

The purpose then, as now, was twofold: first, help small organic farmers get started. Man has that worked well. The latest example is Alma Gordillo just in the past 6 months. Cassie needs to do a story for you about Alma but I’m really proud of what this young mom has done through sheer determination.

Alma means soul in Spanish, so once she gets all her paperwork done, her work will be known as Soul Organics. Right now it’s Alma Gordillo which is as honest as it gets. She has two full time employees and has worked from crew member to manager and now owner of a micro farming operation and a macro American dream; the proof is in your box.

The second was to help people who truly wanted fresh organic produce at a reasonable price for their families to be able to get it. Figuring out what that means in the real world has been a really fun learning experience for all of us at both ends of this chain. Initially, we emphasized the value end of that equation by sending copious volumes of second grade cosmetically challenged type produce. Over time, what makes most of you the happiest is a true field run, straight from the garden organic produce experience.

Our value equation has never changed since day one and give or take a dime each week, we deliver what you paid for in the most balanced fruit/leaf/cooking/herb ratios Erik guided by Carol can achieve.

Over the past ten years, the pace of our California lives has grown even more hectic while the desire for wholesome organic food has also increased. That’s why we started the kitchen a couple years ago and folks have really started to catch on. Whether it’s individual meals or family sized pans, American, Indian, Paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, full meals, or entrees, it’s all handmade, organic, and guaranteed good. People tell me it’s a big relief to know a healthy dinner is in the freezer for those too busy to cook days. One lady said she puts it in her own dish and her family raves about how hard she must have worked to make something that special.

The biggest thing you pointed out from the little survey you helped us with was that the website is too difficult especially for add-ons like the kitchen offerings.

We have started the rework (the 4th in 10 years) and hope to be more amazonesq by the end of the year. Not just mechanically, but visually and experientially. In the meantime, the kitchen items are well worth the hunt.

What hasn’t changed much is a peach orchard. I’m happy to report that the birds are still singing, the crickets are still chirping. They’re not worried about the upcoming elections or global tension. Every day they raise their voice in full throated praise and gratitude for a blade to munch, a branch to perch on, and the sun comin’ round again. That’s the perspective I want to live with.

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