Fresh Facts 30: Raindrops On Blooms

The good news is we’re getting lots of rain. The bad news is we’re getting lots of rain. Isn’t that how life is? Good and bad can be two sides of the same coin. In this case, we desperately need rain, without it, agriculture—and everything else for that matter–in California ends. And since the winter was record-settingly dry, we’re grateful for any we can get; we’d just rather not have our blooms wet this long.

And since March has been very cold, it seems our bloom period just keeps continuing on and on. Our organic procedure is to apply probiotics before and after each measurable rain event, so with a couple rain events a week for the last month, it’s either raining or we’re out protecting blooms. And wouldn’t you know, the last 4 Sundays in a row have been the clear days which means work days; se le vie… If that’s what it takes to get the rain bucket full, we’ll gladly work Sundays.

The cold weather has also pushed our activity calendar back quite a bit, so thinning is still a good 10 days off. We did start putting up hail net yesterday between storms so the guys are working at least on clear days.

***New subject***
A young man was asking me some very pointed questions a couple days ago about the practical mechanics of life. At his age and from his perspective; (mid 30’s) it didn’t seem to matter that much how you lived—as long as you weren’t really stupid—everybody was pretty much in the same place.

In other words, whether you switched jobs every year or stayed loyal to one company, you earned about the same. Whether you ate junk or organic, your health wasn’t that different. Whether your relationships were consistent or squirrely everybody seems to have the friends they want. Saved your money or spent every cent you’re not that much ahead. Had integrity or lied? His point was: What’s the point? Doing the right things doesn’t seem to matter and it’s a lot tougher course.

His points are very accurate from a 35-year-old perspective and I’ll confess to having the same misgivings at his age.
But here’s the perspective from down the road a bit. All of life is pretty much just paying dues until you’re 40. I know you’re familiar with the miracle of compounding interest; put a little money away in a sound investment when you’re young and you’ll be a gazillionare when you’re old. If you look at that chart about 10 years in, it’s not very impressive. Look again at twenty years in and it starts to make a little sense. Again at 40 years of consistency and it’s breath-taking.

The practical mechanics of just about every aspect of life are just like that; life generally pays or collects in compounding ways in the same coin; physically or relationally.  Wisely choosing your investment portfolio up front is also really important. Quality investments carefully tended yield quality returns in geometric not linear proportion.

Working at or creating a quality company, tending relationships with quality people, investing in your health with regular strenuous exercise and nutrient dense whole food, and putting your treasure into charities that consistently make a powerful positive difference. Compounding interest. Trust uncle Vern, the dividends are miraculous.


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