Fresh Facts 32: Happier Than Watching a Pig Eat a Ripe Tomato

By April 16, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Even happier than watching a pig eat a ripe tomato is watching little children having pure fun – laughing, giggling, screaming for joy, running; did I mention laughing and giggling?

A year ago at Erik and Stephanie’s wedding in Hawaii, the hotel had a little kid’s pool next to the huge adult pool, and it was always full of little children, laughing, giggling, screaming for joy, and endlessly going down the slide.

Originality is merely the ability to copy creatively so I took pictures, measured, sat on a bucket and watched, and said to myself: “Self, this can’t be that hard to build!” I think most new stuff that gets done in the world gets done by people who underestimate how difficult it’s gonna be to turn concept into function.

It was really a simple thing compared to a regular pool and was set up so any toddler to say 8-year-old could have a blast. If you ever want to build something like this, here are the salient points. Full width beach entry (which means it just gradually slopes in from the deck, no step.) The shallow end is 9 inches deep and the deep end is 15 inches. Only 5-inch rise on the steps going up to the slide so tiny feet can pitter pat back to the top. The slide delivers at pool level into the 15-inch end.

Yes, the hotel had a sign saying, “Warning! No adults on slide.” Which is Hawaiian for: Uncle Vern, you gotta try this! Which I did a few times. The second time I put my hands down so I didn’t land so hard on my butt.

Anyway, we busted out the east end of our pool after Thanksgiving and created a kiddie pool, slide, splash pad (jets pop up random), fire ring for making smores… A friend who’s a logger sent me down a load of dead trees we built a pergola out of. I’m in the running for The Grandfather of the Year award but mostly, watching little children having pure fun is even happier than watching a pig eat a ripe tomato.

Back on the farm, our kitchen is now a certified ‘Organic Pantry,’ one of the first in the country. Whew, that’s been a long road. Up until now, what we had to do was guess what produce might be available a couple months from now and from whom, create a recipe and send that off for approval, and wait a few weeks for blessing before we could do anything. Really time consuming and expensive, not to mention restrictive when the goal is a responsive seasonal kitchen.

Starting last week, we can now use anything from our approved list and you will see the difference immediately. This week for instance, you will be able to order Meal Kits for either 2, 4, or 8 people. Sarah will do all the measuring for you; there will be step by step pictures. Fresh, organic, homemade by you without having to worry about what ingredients are in your fridge or pantry. Or, even simpler, get a ready-to-heat-up prepared meal.

We’ve never done specials before, but we’re pretty sure if you try some of chef Sarah’s food you’ll be happy on many levels so we are going to experiment with the concept.

Eat Better!

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