Fresh Facts 33: Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Bored

By April 23, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Strawberries! I guess it really is spring after all. I think getting in tune with local seasonal eating is a pretty cool part of not only the Abundant Harvest experience but also the Abundant Harvest education of what grows around here right now, and its counter to everything we consumers have been trained to expect.

After all, it’s springtime somewhere all the time, I’m an American and by golly, I want strawberries when I want strawberries! Two problems with this:

First, we get stuck in a rut and end up eating only a few—I’ve read that most Americans consistently eat only 12-15 different produce items in an entire year. Besides being boring, lack of produce variation means lack of nutritional variation. Beyond that, our bodies need right now what’s growing right now; oranges in the winter, watermelon in the summer as an example. You guys get 12-15 items every week!

Second, stuff coming from far away means our food dollars are going far away. Stuff coming from far away probably wasn’t grown to the standards Californians expect, such as the way farm workers are treated and compensated, food safety and environmental impact, and of course, it can’t be as fresh.

Let’s go deeper. How about the impact on your soul of eating the same dozen things year in and year out? Or the same 7 go to meals year in and year out? That crunching and grinding sound you hear all around you is the sound of America’s spirit of culinary adventure being crushed. That clanking—the sound of the chains of familiar monotony being carried by the plodding masses in monochrome.

But fear not intrepid harvesters, a flash of living color just showed up with this letter banishing boredom and bolstering health, infusing adventure into supper time, making ‘late to dinner’ unthinkable, and filling ‘what’s for dinner?’ with glorious expectation!

You of course know this is true or you wouldn’t be participating so here’s my question: Do friends let friends eat bored? If you looked down from freedom and adventure and saw your friend’s minivan stuck in a rut circling with their family through the same monotony every 10 days, in good conscience, how could you not parachute in to show them the secret offramp?

Are we going to be able to get everyone on the ark? No, because it’s a very comfortable rut. As an example, I’ve invested no small amount of time teaching type II diabetics how to be well with less bread and more broccoli. All understand; few change but those who do are so grateful for their restored health. Often it takes an entire family’s encouragement to get their beloved on track.

So, let’s think about it, work on it together, and see if we can’t get our neighbors to join our little local adventure into organic seasonal variety and good health. We have some helps for this coming up, stay tuned and eat better!

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