Fresh Facts 36: Epic Yosemite

The most rewarding part of writing this weekly note is getting to share the best parts of my life with you all. Here is this week’s best part.

Given the reports that we have all-time record snow pack in the Sierras, plus the fact it’s getting warm which should send that down-hill plus it’s only an hour and a half to Yosemite Valley from our house, Paul and I decided it would be a shame not go verify these reports for ourselves.

Since thinning continues, and harvest has sort of started coupled with the embarrassing admission that both of us have our priorities all fouled up, the only day we could go was last Sunday the end of April.

Oh my goodness Abundant Harvesters; whatever you are doing, take a day and get up to Yosemite this week. “Epic” is a word tossed loosely these days, but Yosemite right now: EPIC. Bridal Veil, Nevada, Vernal and, of course, Yosemite Falls have never run like this. Actually, there are hundreds of little streams coming over the edge, any of which are memorable. Take a day, do what you have to do but go celebrate one of the greatest wonders of the world right here in our back yard.

Of course, we had to hike to the top of Yosemite falls–a 3,000-foot vertical rise in about 3 miles–just to see the water heading over. Then we hiked around to the point to get that amazing view across from half dome up and down the valley.

I’ll see if I can get some pictures off my phone over to Cassie to post. But my bigger point is to do my dead level best to get you all up there to take your own memories.

As long as I live, I will never forget the thunder from the base of the upper fall. Guys, it was like you were standing behind several jet engines, and every few seconds, it sounded like some giant had sent some boulders crashing down with the water. It wasn’t a steady roar, but some sort of fluctuating, unending crescendo that I lack the vocabulary to relate.

The crowd thinned a lot after the base of the upper fall which is about half way, and what I experienced is also what motivated me to write about it this week. I would guess that less than half the people on the trail were Americans.

People had spent bazillions of euros and pounds and whatever to come from the ends of the earth to see this amazing marvel of nature in our back yard, and we don’t even take the day trip; probably because we could do it anytime.

Well, if waiting for the perfect time has been holding you back, there has never been a more perfect time in your life and probably never will be a more perfect time than right now, this very week. You will thank me, anyone you go with will thank you, and the lifelong memory will cost you gas and 30 bucks entry.

On your way up or down, stop by the farm and say hello, pick some fruit; not as memorable as Yosemite but pretty fun none the less.

Eat better!

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