Fresh Facts 46: On Eating Happy

Well, between last week and this, you all should have received some of the new French Nectarines I wrote about a couple years ago. We named that one Beach Baby because the coloring where the leaf lays across the fruit reminded one of the sales ladies of the famous little girl in the Coppertone ad.

   You all got the first harvest of these in North America, and we couldn’t be happier. Next year—Lord willing—we’ll have at least four varieties, and the year after, seven. So if you like ’em, watch Brittney’s emails next year. These varieties represent a very significant financial investment not only from the Peterson Family, but several of our partner farmers. But we’re betting folks are going to be really happy with this sort of superior flavor profile. They’re not just sweet; they have all that old world flavor complexity in a new package.

   On a related subject, my good friend Rich sent me an article soon to be published in the American Journal of Public Health titled: “Eating more fruit and vegetables can substantially increase happiness levels.”

   Apparently the University of Warwick in England collaborated with the University of Queensland in Australia studying some 12,000 random Aussies who kept a food journal and then had annual psychological evaluations.

   Eating eight portions of produce a day versus only one had a similar affect on life satisfaction to an unemployed person finding a job they enjoyed.

   Really? They spent money to figure this out? That would be like coming to the amazing conclusion that standing outside in a blizzard will make you cold! Really? I mean honestly; have you EVER seen an unhappy person eating a nectarine? Come on now!

   When you get right down to it, there’s only one thing that contributes more rapidly to your sense of well being than eating a ripe peach and that’s picking the ripe peach off the tree yourself and eating it.

   If any of you are feeling a bit depressed right now, come on up to the Uncle Vern school of psychological rehabilitation, and we will go out to the closest ripe peach patch, get a ladder and a bucket and climb to the tippy top most branch where the juiciest antidepressants grow. Once that bucket and your tummy’s full, you should be cured. But if yours is a particularly severe case, we’ll take the bucket up to the house, where Aunt Carol will turn some of ’em into cobbler, and the rest into ice cream.

   My oh my! A big scoop of homemade peach ice cream on top of a slab of warm cobbler…We could call it “peach therapy.”

   I can see Farmacies stocking their shelves now with the new cure. Whole towns where unhappiness has been eradicated. Judges mandating fruit therapy. Parole officers making sure their charges ate their fruit every day. Police speeding to altercations with a case of Zee Ladies. Doctors saying “Eat 8 Honey Punch Plums a day and report back in a week.” Man I love my job! Thank you Rich, and Eat Healthy!!!

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