Fresh Facts 49: Ingredients for Better Living

By August 13, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

A very wise, observant man once said: “It’s better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick.” I think I would say that if you’re healthy, you ARE rich, and the pursuit of that wealth is a vital part of skilled living.

I’m very aware that lots of times disease just happens; my own father died of cancer at 48. But I’m also aware there are several things regular people can do to squeeze maximum fulfillment from every day without living in a gym or hiring a dietitian.

Foundational to skilled living, adding years to your life and life to your years is gratitude. To me, there is no such thing as ungrateful skilled living, nor is ungrateful good health possible. I call grumpy people the “ungrateful dead;” grumpy and ungrateful and disease are as inseparable as grateful, optimistic, and cheerful and I have known people living in impossible situations choosing the latter.

It’s not rose-colored glasses that deny, it’s 20/20 vision that sees the good, the beautiful, the wonder and doesn’t internally hoard but eternally shares with fellow travelers multiplying exuberance. You are thinking of somebody just like that right now and what a joy they are to be around; why not be that for the people around you? See the true good and share it all day. Warning: like exercise, it takes consistent effort, but measurable results await the consistent.

Equally important to gratitude on the skilled living curve is forgiveness; don’t you hate it? Being grumpy is easy, it takes no effort to see all the stuff that’s messed up and could be better—just turn on the news and they’ll pump that poison 24/7/365 straight into your mind stream; and carrying a grudge is easy because so many people really have done us wrong.

They call it “carrying” a grudge because it’s heavy, it slows me down while having no impact on the unforgiven. Live light, forgive quickly, forget the wrong as best you can, knowing that I too have caused my share of grief.

Just like the first two go together equally, so do these second two; maybe like 1 A and B, these could be 2 A & B:

A) Live clean, avoid toxins, drink enough water. You might expect the organic guy to say that, it’s true none the less. If I give my body a chance, it was designed to be healthy.

B) Get regular strenuous exercise. We don’t need to be gym rats, but we do need to get our hearts going a few times a week. Main thing is, am I in shape to do what I enjoy?

Skilled living in the words of Mark Twain: “It ain’t what I don’t understand that troubles me.”

Can you believe it’s August!? All you lucky kids won’t have to put up with swimming and bike riding and camping every day much longer. Soon you’ll embark once again on the learning adventure of math and science. Homework & term papers add such breadth to life, don’t you think? Teachers get to resume their passion of elucidation leading youth on a journey towards understanding great mysteries….

Moms, of course, will be sad to see their little charges leaving home for 7 hours to march into the halls of learning (reserving the Snoopy dance ‘til they’re behind closed doors.) The mom parties are about to begin!

Eat better!

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