Fresh Facts 6: Music & Soul

By October 15, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Most anywhere you find me out on the farm, or around the packing shed, I’ll either be singing or whistling. I think it makes the day and the work and the esprit de corps of our little enterprise flow better.

Our son Erik—and some others—would say I know a few lines from 10,000 songs and will just start randomly singing them because I think they go with the subject. What bugs him is I have no idea what the name of the song is, who the original artist was, or when it was recorded…like that really matters?

What’s important is that someone sometime set what we’re talking about to music, probably said it better than we are right now and certainly more memorably.

Besides the words, there is also the rhythm. Rhythm has to support lyrics or you’re wearing plaids with stripes, it won’t hunt.

And there are pauses that allow resonance. Without pauses, that chord would never be able to vibrate into our core. It would be like starting a new thought without finishing the first. It takes courage to pause, whether you’re a musician or a comedian, but the best always use the pause to great effect.

One more thought and I’ll tie it together. The medium we live in is time, we are each accountable for how we use it and there are at least two ways to dishonor it: hurry and procrastination. Hurry is trying to pick-up more than we can carry, and procrastination is not doing what we know we should.

I was thinking this week about music and time in relation to our farm work life. None of us are machines that can maintain consistent high-quality output regardless how skilled or disciplined we are; there has to be rhythm—winter & spring, summer & fall—there has to be effective pause, letting the meaning of what just happened sink in, evaluating how to do it more effectively or even if we want to keep doing it at all.

Finally, while I don’t much like it, we live in a world marked by time, and I often devalue it by being in a hurry (which means I’ve overcommitted and my results WILL suffer) or procrastinating (instead of just doing the unpleasant and moving forward.) Fall is a necessary time to momentarily pause, let the last section vibrate in, evaluate…

Now some very unpleasant tragic news: Alma Gordillo has been hoeing your Abundant Harvest garden for the last half dozen years. She started out as an employee of Kyle Reynolds—KMK farms—then his partner and finally just took over where he left off when he retired. You’ve seen her name on this produce list for a few years now; the herb of the week has been her minimal weekly commitment. Her dream was to own her own organic farm and call it “Soul Organics” because Alma means soul in Spanish. She certainly put her soul into this produce every week as you’ve enjoyed.

She died this week in a horrible traffic accident, not sure how, doesn’t really matter. I just met a couple hours ago with her husband Jaime. They have three kids from a 5th grader to a high school graduate. Through tears, he told me again about Alma’s dream saying: “We are going to carry on the best we can, we are going to make her dream a reality.” Please keep this sweet family in your prayers.

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