Fresh Facts 7: A Few of Our Favorite Things

By October 22, 2017Fresh Facts, Newsletter

I took some 6th grade boys I work with on a hike last Saturday. Just maybe 2-3 miles each way from Big Meadows. 5th and 6th grade boys are my favorite. Their brains haven’t clicked to abstract thought—everything is still black and white, right or wrong, linear—shades of gray don’t exist, so life is so much simpler, straight-forward and fun; or not.

I think 5th graders, boys and girls would make the best judges, especially if the attorneys and juries were also 5th graders. Talk about fair and speedy trials. You parents of 5th graders know what I’m talking about. Can you imagine trying to snow a 5th grader? “Your honor, my client was only…” “Stop, that’s wrong, it’s not fair. Your client has to go apologize and make it right!” No, we’re not smarter than a fifth grader.

Anyway, what boys need in order to learn stuff is to get out and do it. They probably hiked 50% more than us old guys because they had to climb rocks and break sticks and investigate holes and bugs and mushrooms. Nobody telling them to be careful, quiet, or still…

Well, it was the most perfect beautiful day, started out at a crisp 32 degrees, but when your hiking, that’s perfect. About a thousand-foot rise, so it’s a fairly steady climb, just enough to hear the first few “Are we there yets?”

We get to a quintessential Sierra Alpine lake about 8700-foot elevation, fish are very active, by now it’s probably 60 degrees, the boys put their poles together and in no time, start catching their first Brook Trout. Don’t ask me how (you’re supposed to be sneaky when approaching the lake, presenting the fly) because there is zero stealth to this expedition. Maybe hollering and splashing is the secret I’ve been missing all these years.

After everyone had their fill, we hiked back down and visited my favorite milkshake place; it was dark when we got back home, but a perfect father-son day in the woods.

I think sharing favorite things with others is even better than doing favorite things. It’s straight forward multiplication: 1(person) sharing favorite things with 5 (people) = 5X more pleasure.

Don’t tell anyone, but sharing favorite things is probably the biggest motivator to doing this AHO thing every week.

Vicariously, I can see you all thrilling to Clear Lake Bartletts, Beach Baby Nectarines, Organic Red Delicious that taste like Organic Red Delicious are supposed to, vine ripe tomatoes, Huckabay’s broccoli.

Carol sees you fixing the recipes, Karen sees you enjoying the prepared meals and desserts, Cassie sees you watching and reading.

Knowing and having a relationship with your very own farmers, how cool is that?!

Trying new things you never would have tried but now really like, family meals kicked-up a notch or two.

Showing that organic, fresh, and affordable can honestly be in the same sentence; organic for regular people; these are a few of our favorite things.

Eat better!

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