Fresh Facts: A Note of Hope Accompanies the Drought, Thank You!

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Volume 7, Week 28, March 3–5, 2014


You’ll recall our discussion last week about the serious impact of this drought on some of our farmers, especially Jacob and David Mendrin who had lost the well on their home place. I mentioned a new deeper one would cost $50,000 and perhaps there might be some co-producers who could help ’em out for six months.

Well, I called David yesterday afternoon to see how things were going. He was overwhelmed and a bit emotional as he described the outpouring of support from you all, “At our time of desperation, when it seemed we were going to lose this year’s crop, and thus the farm, here comes all these emails from people all over the state. We just can’t believe—in this day and age—all the love and compassion out there.”

He’s borrowing water from a neighbor and has a well driller who was making a new well for his church that will come to him next. That’s a miracle in itself. With this drought, well drillers are booked six months out. I think this just points up how much more this alliance is than a weekly box of organic produce.

We’re printing a quick start guide for new co-producers to show ’em where all the levers and buttons are on this bus. I was asked to write a welcome note and I think—considering what I just shared about the Mendrin brothers—it would be appropriate to include it here:

Welcome to Abundant Harvest Organics. 

What you’ve just joined is unlike anything you’ve ever been part of; it’s way more than a weekly box of produce. Abundant Harvest is a total life-enhancing experience where everyone who participates is better for the process. The biggest winner is you and your family. 

At first glance, you see a great value on fresh organic produce and you’re right. Week in and week out you’re going to be getting fresh organic for the price of not-so-fresh conventional produce, but that’s the tip of the iceberg.

Your family’s health is going to consistently improve over time. Your meals are going to become adventures as boring fades in the rearview mirror and everyone becomes excited about vegetables. We have truck loads of ideas too, to help you transform “What in the world do I do with this?” into “Wow, this is really good!” We really hope you’ll take advantage of all the helps available.

The second big winner is your farmers. Yes, YOUR farmers. What you’re doing within this alliance is enabling several young California farmers to enjoy a profitably sustainable lifestyle, and that’s why we call you co-producers instead of customers. 

The third winner is our environment. Your family is keeping at least 50 boxes per year out of the trash, and all this produce came from certified organic farms and ranches. The birds and crickets thank you too.

So have fun exploring all the stuff on the website, it’s all there for you. Reach out and meet your farmers. If there’s something you like or a question you have, their email is right next to what they grew, and do stop by and visit. We organize several tours a year and would truly love to meet your wonderful family.

Your farmer, Uncle Vern

I think sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re doing, we forget about why we’re doing it. Sure, the what’s important; what pays the bills and fills the bellies, but why’s a much bigger deal. A big enough why will keep you going when what lets you down and that’s why we keep farmin’ so you can…

~Vernon Peterson


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