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By September 19, 2013Newsletter

Volume 7, Week 3, September 13-14, 2013

Hi there produce lovers. Amy Beth here. Uncle Vern traded in the tractor for a fishing pole this week, so I get the chance to update y’all on the goings on of Abundant Harvest’s connectedness team. We have been busy—busy behind the scenes, behind the camera, behind the computer screen, and as you’re reading this newsletter, we’re hanging out with your fellow subscribers on the AHO Fall Tours. Things have been so busy, that these past few weeks I have fallen prey to something I only recently learned the term for: utilitarian eating. Since eating is what brings us all together in the first place, I may as well tell you about it.

I had my first exposure to utilitarian eating when I picked up a friend of mine who’d been hiking in Tuolumne the week the Rim Fire closed Tioga Pass. We were rerouted around the bottom of the Eastern Sierras on our way home. You desert-dwelling subscribers are pretty lucky to always be so close to the millions of stars that live over there on that side of the mountains. Those skies could change a person, no question. Utilitarian eating. It’s not pretty. For example: breakfast of a spoonful of peanut butter and just a big pile of boiled eggs for the rest of the day’s food. Not to something be celebrated, more so solemnly accepted, for a time. I thought it must be a guy thing. But then, this past week, things have just been so busy that it happened to me too. Not quite to such an extreme level, and a little bit fresher—my pile is made of fruit, figs, pears, and grapes, etc. and I fry my eggs. But still. Eating to just keep on living isn’t nearly as fun as putting some heart into making a nice meal. I’m hoping this too will pass. I myself could stand to benefit from some of the quick and easy recipes we’ve been so busy updating the blog with. So, let’s get on to that.

We’ve been working on our informational response to that free-peaches survey we did a few months ago. Much of our action in the connectedness team has been focused around the blog.  We’re putting out regular updates to our six new farm, garden, and food themed blog series, and our stock of tested recipes continues to grow. We are delighted to now have Rachel Oberg doing some blogging for us. Every week you can find one of her original recipes with pictures and a printable recipe card. She’s also taken the reins for creating the list of perfect-for-the-season Recipes for Your Box that is updated to match the contents of each and every box we pack. You can find the archive of these on the blog as a source of seasonal inspiration. Rachel will be keeping up our new Foodie Focus blog series and contributing to the storage tips as well. We’re super happy to make her meal planning and in-the-kitchen expertise available to all of you. And speaking of being happy to be working with someone, you Facebookers will have noticed the beautiful box contents photos posted each pack day—those are thanks to Jessica, our newest team member. She’s contributing massively to our quest to get you all the information you need to enjoy your Abundant Harvest experience, and we’re so glad she’s come on board. One thing she’s been working on is making the recipes on the blog extra-accessible. Actually going to make something for dinner instead of just eat something? (I wish I was.) There are now three main options when searching for recipes. 1) If you know the name of the recipe, or close to it, use the search bar at the top of the page. 2) If you want a recipe for a specific ingredient, click on the links listed in the right hand sidebar menu or ingredient cloud. 3) If you’re just looking for general inspiration, browse the recipe categories or scroll through the archives of the Recipes for Your Box posts. Best wishes to all of you for days filled with enjoyable, non-utilitarian eating and nights filled with skies as starry as they are in the Eastern Sierras. EAT HEALTHY!

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