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Volume 6, Week 51, August 16-17, 2013

Snow Giants finished on the 12th of August? That’s a full month early. Every year my whole life, everybody says: “I been farmin’ since ____ and I ain’t NEVER seen nothin like this.” Unpredictability is the most consistently predictable thing. Our world—including the produce world—collects and disseminates great quantities of information, real time and historical. There are iPods and iPads all over our farm and fruit packing facility where there used to be clipboards and forms. These wirelessly connect to servers that show a field foreman how his crew’s harvest arrived, quality-wise, and how that compares with the other guy’s. A wholesale customer in Chicago can see what he’s buying before it’s even in inventory, or a farmer out irrigating can check how his fruit’s packing. All this information is a powerfully vital and actionable management tool, but at the end of the day, it’s microscopic compared to the information a farmer collects in a 10 second real time download from his eyes, ears, nose, and gut. That simultaneously compares against projections and historically-stored data to formulate action plans to work with the manageable variables. Working with the “Manageable Variables”; that’s our responsibility as farmers, parents, citizens…you name it. So much is out of our control or beyond our expertise that all we can do is humbly ask for daily strength and wisdom to responsibly manage the variables we do understand. Hey, while the stone fruit’s winding-up a month early, the grapes are starting 3 weeks early, and Clear Lake Bartletts aren’t far behind! In August? Did I mention I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this?
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We have a lot of street greetings here in America. Hello / tsup? / Hey / What’s shakin’? / Como esta? But the most common is: How ya doin’?

We often use this greeting of course without genuinely caring how the greeted is actually doing. My friend Fritz just took his family for a vacation back to Switzerland where he was raised. In a store, he accidentally used the equivalent of “how are you doing” and the shocked cashier looked at him like: What business is my welfare to you, stranger?!

There is a lot of conversation about Well Being lately. A good friend gave me a book about the 5 essential elements of well being: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community Well Being. The gist is that hundreds of daily choices compounded over time directly impact our well being in an incredibly interrelated way. Sounds like managing the variables, doesn’t it? Choices in career preparation and advancement impact our financial well being, but after essential needs are met, small choices to help others and invest in experiences make the best contribution to well being, as long as we spend less than we earn. Small daily choices in diet and exercise impact our mood and energy as well as our confidence and health, on and on, interrelated and backed up by worldwide statistics. What wasn’t really written, but became crystal clear in an Uncle Vern paraphrase is: Well Being is the direct result of Well Doing. Not some radical new program or idea, but small, all-day decisions to help our neighbors, spend wisely, engage in work we love and people we love; positively, humbly, managing the variables. How ya doin’?

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