Fresh Facts: If you know how to listen You can hear the land aching

By January 16, 2014Newsletter

Vol 7, Week 20, January 10-11, 2014

If you know how to listen, you can hear the land aching for rain. Our fields have plenty to drink—there’s adequate soil moisture from the fall irrigation—and they have plenty to eat, but they just need a bath. The weeds and the wild flowers, the birds and the bugs all have a pent-up tension; a sense of unmet expectation that’s stolen the verve and reduced life’s celebration to a thin paycheck.

There’s a big difference from the water that comes out of a pump and water that falls from the sky. Pumped water will sustain life, like a can of chili will keep you from going to bed hungry, but if that’s what’s waiting for you day after day, month after month with no sign of lettuce, broccoli or apple pie, life gets reduced to a sort of plodding; you can see it if you know how to look.

How dry is it Uncle Vern? Well, it’s the driest in my life and second driest on record. It’s good to know that back in the 40’s, our parents and grandparents dealt with an even more severe shortage. Their response was to build the greatest water system in the world that has served our state for these 70 years. Hopefully we will be equal to our own challenges. Did I mention it’s dry?

Apart from the lack of rain, 2014 holds a lot of promise. April should see both Heather’s second child and Carol and I will celebrate a third of a century of forevering together. The new website’s completion enables lots of new opportunities that have lain optimistically dormant for a few years. I’m writing this on the 7th. There have been plenty of real world challenges that didn’t show up in testing—that could be a newsletter right there—but they each have been corrected fairly rapidly. If you see something outtawhack, please let us know so we can fix it; you guys deserve the smoothest web experience on the planet and that’s what you’ll get.

It’s formatted now to function with your tablet or phone which most of you prefer. I like the calendar that shows you exactly what’s going on, but there’s so much that’s more gooder now. Once all the wrinkles are ironed out, we’ll go to work on the Abundant Harvest App to put it all at your finger tips. The main thing’s still the produce and getting healthy growing families the freshest tastiest organic produce at a great price, making meals and snacks healthfully exciting is paramount. The web function—like the trucks—is a complementary conduit.

Here’s a quote from Solomon I memorized a few years back that I’m taking as a motto for the New Year. He said, “After looking at the way things are on the earth, this is what I’ve decided is the best way to live; Take care of yourself, have a good time and make the most of whatever job you have for as long as God gives you life.” Who knew being the smartest guy in history was so easy, right? Wisdom is usually quite simple and straight forward. Have a blast taking care of yourself while serving your neighbors.

~Vernon Peterson


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