Fresh Facts: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Gratitude and Health

By December 6, 2013Newsletter

Volume 7, Week 13, November 22-23, 2013

Just to finish up on the Food Safety Modernization Act, I think the takeaway message is that any new regulations need to complement, not contradict, organic biological practices; time will tell. They did extend their public comment period another week; seems government agencies are a bit sensitive these days about their non-performing websites.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, these are the best days of the year. Mornings are crisp, afternoons are warm and all the orchards are laid by; meaning their fall manure application has been disked in—incorporated into the soil—and the middles are flooded. There won’t be a tractor in the orchards again until bloom time in February when we pull a frost furrow. It’s kinda like putting your kids to bed in the winter with milk and cookies and they look all content when you tuck ’em in, say their prayers, and kiss their forehead good night; happy.

So there the orchards are, all happily laid by, shedding the last of their leaves as their eyelids get heavy for the long winter’s nap called dormancy. Nothing happens now in the orchard until bloom right? Wrongo Buckwheat! What we really did was provide fuel for the gazillions of microbes that are spending the winter feasting away on that manure, breaking it down into the nutrients the trees need to make nice happy peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, and apricots next summer. The irrigation water sprouts dozens of winter weed species that over the next five months will grow knee high off the same manure application, their roots symbiotically hosting the soil microbes that digest and breakdown the manure making it available to the plant.

These winter weeds in turn will be incorporated into the soil while they’re still succulent next March to help hold moisture and feed the trees. Yes, I hear you all out there singing the Lion King theme Circle of Life; gotta love it! We’ll talk more about this orchardist’s life-web in future Fresh Facts because the interconnectedness of this www; World Wide Web, is so intriguing. The more I learn what I shoulda known, the more everything fits together in balanced harmony.

But now it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! On the surface, it’s the favorite because it’s low pressure. Families come together, visit, laugh, tell stories, watch football, and eat; what’s not to love. Here at Abundant Harvest, we’re into healthy habits, and I believe the most healthy, habitual practice out there is gratitude. Grateful people are the healthiest, period. Similar to the interconnectedness of manure, water, weeds and trees, there is a symbiotic, spiritual relationship between gratitude and health. We’re not talking optimism—looking on the bright side—that’s general and never hurts. Gratitude is specific; I am grateful for X and Y and Z. Yep, make a list.

Specific gratitude is the foundation for an abundance outlook that flows to all we meet and know irrigating not only our own lives but germinating the hopes of our community. And just like a kink can stop the flow of a garden hose watering the flowers, things like unforgiveness will kink off gratitude’s expression. If there’s not a good gratitudinal flow from our lives, follow it back towards the source and undo the kinks. The results will be better than Miracle-Gro for all our gardens. As we take a week off, we are most thankful for each of you.



 ~Vernon Peterson



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