Fresh Facts: Uncle Vern’s Thanksgiving and Fall Colors

By December 6, 2015Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Wasn’t that just the most wonderful Thanksgiving?

However and with whomever you spent the day, we hope it was a time to step back from the daily gratefully. And perhaps that relaxed gratefulness can carry on towards Christmas.

I think I see that attitude in our little town this year and I’ll give you a couple unscientific observations.

First, I have a standing sign-up to ring the Salvation Army bell (yeah, I’m that guy) in front of Save-Mart from 1-3 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

I buy enough little candy canes to offer one to everybody; the whole town comes by during that time; we laugh and cajole and get caught-up on classmates, friends and family.

Alas, while the kettle-feeder ratio stayed the same at around 50/50, there were a whole lot more 5’s, 10’s and 20’s being jammed in this year and the happiness on each departing contributor’s face had a lot more to do with the donation then the peppermint I’d say.

Second, our little town has a food pantry supported by the entire community called KCAPS. The Wednesday night before thanksgiving, everyone who wants to leaves a grocery bag full of food on the porch and their light on. A herd of kids fan out and collect it and bring it to KCAPS where another herd sort it—using the same rollers this box is packed on—and box it up.

Again, unscientifically, it sure seemed like a ton more food was coming in this year and like the kettle contents, it’s sorely needed.

While people’s economic circumstances probably haven’t changed much from the last few years, a sorting out of what’s important and what isn’t probably has; or maybe I’m just a foolish optimist regarding my neighbors.

***** Wow, the fall foliage this year has just been magnificent. From orchards to vineyards to people’s shade trees, it just seems breathtakingly, eye poppingly beautiful. Maybe the chamber of commerce should organize a fall colors tour like they do for the blossom trail in the spring.

I’ve been taking pictures as I drive around and sending them to Cristina to use with the e-version of this note. If you want to get this that way, or want someone else who isn’t a subscriber to get it, we just need the e mail address where you want it to go. Like all our communications, we don’t sell it, or abuse it, and unsubscribe is just a click.
Anyway, it’s like all the trees put on their most dazzling duds for one last bash before calling it a year.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a couple inches to express how grateful we are for each of you Abundant Harvesters and hosts, many of whom have been with us from the start, through thick and thin. Your loyalty to this alliance warms our hearts.

Also, each little farmer whose produce is showcased each week whether it’s 110 and windy or 20 and wet; you get the job done every week in heroic fashion and all of us appreciate your work.

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