Fresh Facts Week 22: Farm to Fork

As I write this newsletter Uncle Vern and his entire family are probably out enjoying some of what Hawaii has to offer. Hey guys, it’s Cristina, your communications and media person at AHO. Last week Uncle Vern talked about what’s happening out here on the farm; while I don’t have a progress report for you, I hope I can do this newsletter some justice.

The absolute, most fantastic thing about Abundant Harvest is the realization that the produce we’re delivering week in and week out will ultimately be on someone’s plate. Most times that meal will not shed a glimpse of what the produce went through to get there. It won’t show the seed from which it was birthed, the roots from which it drank water, nor the leaves from which it took in sunlight. Though it may look nothing like its original form, it is important to note that at one time it was a seed in the ground that was planted by someone who wanted to grow that produce for you to enjoy.

That someone was a farmer. An individual who decided she/he wanted to spend their entire life providing their community with fresh, organic produce. When you shop for your groceries at Abundant Harvest, you are supporting your small California farmers who take pride in being organic and knowing AHO does its best to minimize any waste by donating to charity any boxes that were not picked up, making several donations, giving away, and selling to employees any and all extra produce that may be left after pack days.

Anyway, back to the food that the ends up on your plate every day at dinner time. Sometimes that meal is a healthy meal and sometimes you’re just too rushed to worry about what exactly is on your plate. By using our add-ons feature online you can be rushed without the guilt of what you’re putting in your body. After all, we’re all here because we’ve decided we wanted to change our behaviors or implement a new way to eat healthy.
Our add-ons feature allows you to add prepared organic foods like: soups, pot pies, individual meals (perfect for lunches), desserts and so much more. It’s also the fantastic opportunity to order exactly what you want: potatoes, coffee, oats, eggs, brussels sprouts, chicken, etc.

On a completly different note, farm tour season is coming up and we’ll be having a few tours this spring and into summer. Visiting the farm with friends and relatives is a great opportunity to see all of what we do in action. You’ll see the boxes being packed, our chef in the kitchen cooking all of those hand-made meals, Uncle Vern’s farm and pick some food straight from the ground. We’re excited for you to continue your journey with us and I know there’s a few fresh faces (thanks to social media) so WELCOME! We’re glad you’re here! Have a blessed day and Uncle Vern will resume this newsletter next week! Till then,


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