Fresh Facts Week 25: It’s the “Hope of Spring”

By February 28, 2016Fresh Facts, Newsletter

It’s never prettier in this part of the world than right now. Our trees stand beautifully expectant in a field of organic green, decked-out in full flower and attended by busy bees. From above, the checkerboard of white, pink and red blossoms are glorious, and down on the ground, the sweet floral scent feels like a million acre florist shop. It’s sweet and crisp in the morning, and warm and fragrant in the afternoon. It’s never prettier in this part of the world than right now.

But there’s another factor beyond appearance that makes this time of year special to all of us involved in the fruit business; it’s the “Hope of Spring.” While decades of experience tell us that this year—like all others–will be full of challenging difficulties; right now; in our minds at least, there is only perfection.

Every peach will grow to just the perfect size, it will taste delightful and all who taste it will send notes of appreciation for the hard work it took to nurture such perfection. There will be no frost, hail, wind or insect damage. There will be grateful workers to harvest our crops who will come every day rejoicing at the privilege of participating in such a beautiful organic harvest. They will always have just the right amount of work—never too much or little—and their pay; while significant will be secondary to the joyful experience of harvesting peaches.

Our customers will each be delighted with just the varieties, size, quality, quantity and packaging we have available and they’ll all add a 15% tip to their invoice just to express their appreciation for a job well done.

The legion of bureaucrats from the 46 agencies that oversee our farm will say: “Mr. Peterson, we realize that for the first 40 years of your career we’ve done everything in our monolithic power to make your life miserable, but after thinking about it, we see that we’ve all been remiss. You’ve been providing great jobs not just for your employees, but for the hundreds of thousands of us local, county, state and federal benefactors who visit your farm every year, so this year, a couple dozen of us are going to come each day to help out. We’re so grateful for your putting our kids through college and such, that we just want to help-out however we can. Shovel weeds, sweep the floor, prune, thin, pick, pack or ship the fruit, you name it, we’re just so happy to be able to help. And at just 2 dozen a day, it will take a few years for all of us to have a turn.

Oh, and we’ve looked over our books, and you’ve really been over-charged for all the permits and fees, so ya know what, we’re just going to waive those hundreds of thousands of dollars you have to pay for permission to be a farmer each year.”

While that was a bit tongue-in-cheek, the boundless hope of spring we all feel right now is very real. And realistically, the joy of sending wonderful stone fruit to all of you this summer is our dream. It really is never prettier in this part of the world than right now.


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