Fresh Facts Week 31: Suiting Up in Work Ready Greens

Volume 8, Week 31, March 22-29,  2015

Our orchards looked so gorgeous a few weeks ago; all abloom in their wedding attire. They’re back from the honeymoon now, having changed into work clothes—after all, they have a family to support—but it’s the new, shiny, just out of the box, still showing the factory crease work clothes they got as wedding presents that haven’t yet seen their first hard work.

They all proudly wear the company green and if you weren’t paying attention, it’s like they ducked into a nearby phone booth, ripped off the suit and there they are, ready to take care of business.

Those green work clothes really do possess super powers, the code for which even our greatest minds have yet to replicate. They have not only the ability to transform the sun’s energy into enough carbohydrates to feed themselves, but also nourish their offspring to the point we receive invitations to send them all over North America.

Actually, here’s the little known secret of farming. We take free energy from the sun, add water and nutrients, and voila! Crops that people are willing to trade their hard earned money for! How easy is that? Please keep that under your hat or everybody’d want to be a farmer.

I have a friend who says: “Everybody who eats is a farmer, they just pay somebody else to hoe their garden for them.” And in essence, that’s what AHO’s all about; we hoe your garden for you and we do it the way you would if you had the time and space.

If you had the time and space, you would create the healthiest biological soil you possibly could because you know it takes microbial activity to extract the nutrition your family and loved ones need to maximally thrive. (You also know from every bite that it takes biological fertility to make produce taste great while satisfying those thrive requirements.)

There’s a paradox here in America. We have the most over-fed and under-nourished people in history. So tell us something we don’t know Uncle Vern! Well, how about both the reason and the solution.

The reason is: farmers get paid by volume (bushels, tons, boxes) and not nutrition, and all the scientific advancements that have enabled 99 percent of Americans to pursue off-farm employment haven’t created wealth for farmers, but really cheap food for eaters.

The solution is biological fertility administered by some really sharp farmers. Seed and varietal selection that values flavor over durability and harvest timing that asks: “When would I pick this if I were sending it to family?”

Another part of the solution is an educated co-producer who understands that food produced and harvested within a biological framework will not sit on the counter very long. KIDS! Come quick and look! There’s a strawberry that’s starting to rot, isn’t it wonderful! Then explain why and why this is so great, slice up the good ones and enjoy the flavor; (as if your strawberries are really going to sit around more than 2 minutes, probably didn’t even make it home; there has to be some reward for fetching this box.)

So come on out and visit. Get to know your garden tenders. Release some organic pesticides (ladybugs) and


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