Fresh Facts Week 34: Lifters get Lifted and Harvesting Apriums

Had some nice little showers yesterday; ya know, everybody and everything just has a happier attitude after a little rain to rinse things off and charge the air with happy ions. The birds, crickets and frogs really got into a contest yesterday morning as to which was the most grateful species; you just wanted to pass out tickets to the concert. They didn’t even have an open guitar case as they performed. Maybe they figured getting to hang out on an organic farm was adequate compensation and they just wanted to show their appreciation, kinda like singing for their supper.

On a different subject, there’s a whole lot of negativity going around right now. I occasionally get sucked into the vortex because there really is a lot to worry about. My good friend Dave said his grandfather had a witty saying: ‘what do you mean worrying doesn’t help? It most certainly does; by worrying, 95% of the stuff I worry about never even happens!’

You’ve heard me say it before, but I think in these times it bears repeating. We can’t control and verily are not responsible to control world, nation and state events. What we can control and are ultimately responsible to control is our response to it, and our preparedness for it; a prudent man sees the danger and hides himself; anything less would be naïve.

But the bigger deal is within our own spheres. Here is where us common people can and are able to have very high impact. Starting in our own businesses and places of employment, we can bring and show love, encouragement and compassion for our fellow man, whether it’s a cube-mate, a team-mate a school-mate, or a neighbor; we can help them lift their load. Psst! And here’s a little secret just between us; lifters get lifted. Sure, it’s a lot easier and safer to be a fatalistic grumpy cynic, but where’s the adventure in that? Go the other way, especially in your own sphere and watch what happens. It’s like striking a match in a dark place; everybody’s drawn to the light and since you’ve got the match, everybody will follow you back out to the sunshine.

Well, we started a tiny bit of Tasty Rich Apriums, so for sure you end of the weekers will have them, and first of the weekers next week; we’ll see what happens tomorrow (Monday.) They are such a challenging variety, but man are they good. People want large apricots and these little guys are tiny. Retailers want durable merchandise and these apriums are quite volatile. It’s axiomatic that delicious and delicate go hand in hand. But straight off the tree to thee works pretty well. They ripen from the inside out, and anything a bit green will be ready within a couple days in a bowl on your counter, prolonging the joy.

It’s good to be harvesting again. At this point, we have the nicest crop in perhaps 10 years. I’m excited to start sharing it with you as soon and as long as possible. The experiment to get more grapes in the Autumn Royal patch worked as well; I think this is the nicest crop there since we planted that vineyard, so Lord willing; you oughta have 6-8 weeks of those big black seedless grapes this fall.

There’s a lot of weather between now and then, but that’s the fresh rinsed-off outlook from your farm right now.

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