Fresh Facts Week 34: Sweet Developments

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Uncle Vern’s Weekly Farm-Fueled Musings, April 14-20 2014

There are some sweet developments happening here at Abundant Harvest Organics that are the result of a lot of work and planning, but still seem a little surreal now that they’re coming online.

The first is FRESH fish.

Yeah, whoa, breathtaking isn’t it? Community Seafood from Santa Barbara is an out-of-the-box thinking alliance of fishermen trying to apply an Abundant Harvest model to their business. If you think being a California organic farmer is a maze of regulation, what do you think it would be like to commercially fish off the coast of California?


Anyway, these guys have persevered and are looking for a way to deal directly with their final customers (you) instead of just off loading their catch to a middleman; I can relate. They reached out to us last fall and my response was we really needed the new website up and running to make this work.

The new site that came online over Christmas allows someone like Community Seafood to have Admin over a section of the add-on list. They can post their own pictures, price their own product, limit quantity to availability, email folks who purchased their product, print route and community lists; basically run their own store seamlessly within AHO. We just function as the delivery vehicle; literally.

What they’re doing is offering a “catch of the day” less than 40 hours off the boat on ice. Yesterday’s catch in your home today; told you it was breathtaking.

We started with the Saturday Valencia route a couple months ago to try it out. All the Saturday routes will start the end of this month. What that means is they have to meet our trucks at 4:30 a.m. as they come through Bakersfield; told you it was breathtaking.

What that means though is that folks in Ridgecrest can have wild, sustainably caught seafood that was swimming yesterday on the same plate with organic fruit and vegetables that were growing in organic soil the day before that.

If that doesn’t make you do the Snoopy dance while belting out the Hallelujah Chorus, I can’t imagine what would. Oh, did I mention it’s breathtaking?

The next sweet thing is the Abundant Harvest App that’s coming soon. You really need the rutabaga mash recipe a couple clicks from your phone or tablet right there in your kitchen. You need to be able to quickly and easily order apricots or set vacation. You’re unpacking your produce and want to know what great new recipes we have this week? Bodda bing, bodda boom!


Third thing is the sweetest of all. The Tasty Rich Apriums will be here soon. We offer my three favorite super zowie varieties of stone fruit field run: Tasty Rich Apriums in May, Flavor Rosa Pluots in June, and Zee Lady Peaches in July. They each are remarkably wonderful and you long-timers know you might only have a day or two after the email goes out to order ’em or hold your peace till next year; we may even have the app ready for that. An app for adding fresh fish and apriums to an organic produce delivery; breathtaking.


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