Fresh Facts Week 35: Stone Fruit Is Here!

By April 26, 2015Fresh Facts, Newsletter

Volume 8, Week 35, April 19-25, 2015

In the famous words of Gomer Pyle; Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! We have peaches to pack on Monday. I ate one and have to say, it was the best peach I’ve had all year. And the Tasty Rich Apriums start by the end of the week. They got a bit of hail, but are turning out pretty nice otherwise. I heard rumors of blueberries right around the corner too so be ready for Heather’s email.

The world of summer fruit mirrors summer itself; fun, fast and fickle. You can’t afford to waste a single opportunity to go barefoot, swimming, or eat a watermelon because that moment will never be here again.

We have about 150 different varieties of peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots all together; and each one lasts about a week to ten days from first to last pick. What that means for you dear ones is; if you get one that really strikes your fancy, that’s fantastic, it’ll be back again next year. Fun, fast and fickle.

Also, this next Saturday marks the 34th year since Carol Henriksen changed her last name to Peterson; we’ve been for better or worse, happily ever aftering ever since. I wouldn’t trade a minute of either. Don’t you think anniversaries should be a bigger deal than what we make them? Yeah, when you get to 50 there’s usually some doins, but what about 10 and 20?

I mean, we just about always celebrate birthdays–which means we have achieved the great accomplishment of maintaining a pulse for another year—but an anniversary means we’ve maintained a foundational relationship. Hip, Hip, Hooray for anniversaries!

So, a few weeks ago, we talked about how our job is to hoe your garden for you. In all these past years, I’ve always dedicated some space here to encouraging each of you to go out and plant a garden. This is counter-intuitive, but I do this because our biggest fans are actually gardeners.

I can admire a clay pot or a painting for sale at an art show, but if I actually tried to throw my own pot, or bought some brushes and an easel and tried to paint a landscape, I’d get the Picasso effect while trying to be symmetrical. Bottom line, I would have a great new respect for those two art forms. Same goes with a gardener’s relationship with this box.

Late April is the best time to set out a summer garden around here. It’s past frost threat and before it gets hot. We have quite a few resources on our website to help you get started.
But not only do we hoe your garden, we also water it for you, and we water it in an incredibly efficient manner.

I got a request from one of our hosts this week, which was worthy of your consideration. She said that in light of the drought, she’s foregone her own garden for the past 3 years to save water and to support Abundant Harvest small farmers struggling with what is now the 4th year of severe drought; an admirable consideration.

Well, here comes summer, you can smell the peaches and taste the apriums. Don’t miss a single opportunity to go barefoot and


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