Fresh Facts Week 35: We Can’t Find the Brakes!

So I just typed: “save as: news 05-01-2016.” May first 2016! Wasn’t it just Christmas a couple weeks ago? For kicks I clicked & read: news 05-01-2008 from our first year. It was as relevant as if I’d written it this week.

Does anybody else feel like life is blurring past way too fast? I’ve looked all over for the emergency brake on this thing, or an anchor to drop and I just can’t find it. There’s enough good & bad, challenge, happiness & sadness, work, adventure and relationships in every day to fill up a week in a normal world quite well and never feel bored.

Maybe that’s what we ought to do! Take everything that happens before 8:00 AM Monday and call that Monday. Copy all the 8-10:00 stuff into Tuesday but spread it out to fill the day. 10-12= Wednesday, 12-2= Thursday, 2-4= Friday and 4-6= Saturday and actually rest on Sunday.

I remember the huge cell phone bolted under the seat of the truck with a corded hand receiver hook screwed to the dash. It replaced a ship to shore type radio with a receptionist, and eventually also replaced the pager and the Motorola radio between all of us out in the field. Three cumbersome gizmos replaced by one and at 35 cents a minute coming and going cost me $800 bucks a month.

But I remember getting home around 6 at the end of the first day with the thing thinking: “WOW, I’m done for the day!” Prior to that, there was a whole lot of business conducted in the farm community between 7 & 8 PM. That was the accepted time after dinner but before bed when you could call people who didn’t have an office and return calls from people who left a message during the day.

So available technology becomes accepted technology becomes expected technology. The expectation of a returned call by tomorrow becomes a returned text in 5 minutes. And, 1- $3,000 phone bolted under the seat for 800 bucks a month has become 15 smart phones for less. Available – accepted – expected. If we can build the Hyper-loop, produce could move from anywhere in South America to anywhere in North America over night for the cost of rail transport. But alas, that’s gotta get to available 1st.

Well, we had a nice little Tasty Rich Aprium harvest. Here’s some insider information. Generally, the larger an apricot, the less flavor it has. And the less flavor, the more durable. We made an executive decision this week that we would leave enough Tasty Rich to delight Abundant Harvesters, but with the new reality of $14 effective minimum wage headed to $21 ($15 + 40% taxes and comp) there’s just no way something that small can remain commercially viable.

Nectarines a-comin, then Flavor Rosa pluots; for you newbies, a specific variety lasts about a week, early season, so if you see something you like, grab it while you can, or wait til next year.

There are no brakes on this thing, so all we can do is hang on and enjoy the ride.


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