Fresh Facts Week 38: The Stone Fruit and Paleo Connection

We have some teeny little tree frogs who like living at our place. They’re not more than an inch long, but they fill the night with their romantic vocal trills.

We also have a few bull frogs that got big enough not to be eaten by the bass and do their best to impress the ladies by sounding for all the world like a 2,000 pound bull.

The above two amphibians in duet just tell the world that all is well and good.

Then there are the owls. Yes, owls eat gophers which kill my trees and make it tough to irrigate. Yes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend; and this is why I built them a lovely home on top of a tall pole on top of a mountain next to our house. Yes, one owl family is said to eat up to 3,000 gophers and rodents a year. And yes, the species common name is the Barn Owl.

They have another common name; the screech owl; this is because they SCREEEEEEECH! I’m sure there’s some reason only Alfred Hitchcock or the creator of angry birds could appreciate, but the fledging babies shriek from dark til light, adding musical tension to the evening; it’s really cool!

Another thing I don’t understand is why all the frogs are just croaking to beat the band and see who’s the loudest and then–-as if an invisible conductor qued a cut-off—they all stop! Maybe a cowardly frog croaks something like “Hey shut-up and listen!” The bull frogs must watch the same conductor because they are always quiet at the same time. Guess which choir member wasn’t paying attention? Ol’ screechy.

Sometimes the amphibial silence lasts 5 seconds, sometimes a minute, but there will always be one very brave little guy who starts off with a few bars of solo before being rejoined by the entire pond like “Hey, if Charlie’s not afraid, I’m not either.”

It’s always fun to look in the kitchen to see what Sarah’s up to. Organic Paleo dishes are her latest thing, and they’re really good. True Paleo is time consuming and difficult to do at home, so Sarah is like your personal chef! The seasonal fruit pies and cobblers are starting to be baked as well. Blueberry’s the deal right now.

I asked her if she ever made anything that didn’t look and taste great? Her reply was: “yes, that’s how I figure it out until I have it right.” I guess cooking isn’t that different from farming in this regard.

Finally, the Autumn Royale grape crop is the best in 10 years. The guys pulled leaves, and now they’re thinning the bunches.

So tree fruit blooms are on last year’s growth. Grape bunches however are on new shoots called canes. These new shoots come out of last year’s growth in April, and the individual berries bloom about Mother’s day.

You’re pullin my leg Uncle Vern; I never saw grapes blooming. Well, they’re pretty private about it—unlike those prima donna plums in the next patch over—but since they’re self fertile, they don’t need to make a big whoopty doo with the flowers, they save the wow for the fruit.


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