Fresh Facts Week 50: New Beginnings

A few weeks ago I took on the task on trimming the orange tree in my backyard instead of having someone come out and do it for me. As you can imagine it has taken several weeks to finish as I have one green bin like most everyone else and a very large, un-cared-for orange tree. Perhaps you may be asking why I let my orange tree go so long without a trim—well, I moved here not too long ago and just never found the time to take care of it.

A week after starting to trim my tree I started working at Abundant Harvest Organics as the Communications and Media Manager and have since found myself more willing to care for it. Seeing the love and care Uncle Vern puts into his work made me realize what a little care and hard work can accomplish. I am beyond excited to be working for such an amazing company with an incredible group of people who are caring and work hard so we can all lead healthier lives.

This weekend I took the opportunity to go see the Simi Valley delivery site and was not surprised to be welcomed with smiles and friendship. The hosts had the same energy and positive attitude as everyone who is involved with AHO seems to have.

There is something so beautiful about being able to instantly connect with people you’ve never met. This is only possible when both people have something in common like loving great tasting food or eating organic. However, Abundant Harvest is more than just produce—it’s about eating seasonal, local food that will make our bodies stronger. We are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and helping you accomplish those weekly goals.

Aside from the produce I receive, I get weekly knowledge and wisdom from Uncle Vern’s newsletters and tips and recipes from our blog. AHO is the complete guide to helping me stay on top of my health and also looking within to find my balance and positiveness.

It’s been a long road to get to where I am—both with my tree and in life, but staying at it and putting in hard work is paying off. Seeing everyone else around me leading the lives we promote has encouraged me to find that balance. My tree is seeing some great improvement as well, this weekend I borrowed my neighbor’s green bin and did twice the work on my tree. Although my work doesn’t compare to what goes on in the farm on a daily basis, I feel accomplished and more connected to what I am involved with at AHO. I hope this coming season my tree yields many yummy oranges like Uncle Vern’s stone fruit, Kyle and Michelle’s tomatoes, or David’s summer squash.

On that note, isn’t it just incredible to know the people who are growing the food I am putting on my table? Therir names and contact information is in this newsletter and you can ask them directly about the food you’re eating. I encourage you all to look at our farm tours page on and visit the farm when you’re able. ‘Till then,

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