Fresh Facts Week 51: Childlike Simplicity

By August 16, 2015Fresh Facts, Newsletter

The good thing about having forest fires burning all around is we’ve been having some incredible sunsets for the last week. It’s also fun to watch the big Forest Service helicopters come down and suck water out of the lake and then go spray it on the fire. That’d be kind of a dream job.

My grand children haven’t figured out that I’m a fairly boring fellow yet. Quite the contrary, they get really excited when I show-up, like I was somebody really fun; maybe like the river boat driver on Disney’s Jungle Cruise or something.

Micah, the 1 ½ year old has figured-out that grampa can be remotely controlled almost like a marionette. You of course know the old “How big is Micah? SOOO Big” drill where you get the baby to throw his hands up over his head. Well, he can do that 40 or 50 times—with very little effort on his part since his arms are maybe 8 inches long—and grampa has to do the same thing, like calisthenics. He’s probably thinking, look what I can make grampa do!!

Now three and a half year olds really like to have fun. Once a fun activity has been identified, there seems to be an insatiable desire to relive that exact same experience the exact same way for eternity.

“Bapa, wanna schwimmin?” (She must be German) Yes, we could go swimmin, go get your swim suit and floaties. “Bapa, jump off the big rock and make a big splash. Bapa, you drown and I save you. Bapa, you schwim and I hold your toes. Bapa, you hold your breath and get the squid off the bottom. Bapa, I jump and you catch me.” And after each of these, there is the eternal “Do it aden, do it aden!

Well, after several reps of each of these, and grampa starts to exit, we have: “Bapa, wanna schwingin? Schwing really high—its not really schwingin unless mom and gramma are terrified—schwing crooked, schwing high crooked!!” And such sheer aerial ecstasy has never been experienced by mere mortals; even though we just did it yesterday.

Bapa, wanna jumpin, play blocks with me, read me 2 fish, ride horses; I chase you first!

I’m thinkin us wise old folks could learn a thing or two from childlike contentment with simplicity. Grandparents are permitted de facto access to this universe. There’s a sign by the entrance to this magical land that says: No adults allowed unless accompanied by a child this high or smaller. But really, the sign is talkin about how tall you feel in your heart so any of us could ride if we wanted to.

The old Quakers had it figured out with their song: “Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free, tis a gift to come down where we ought to be.”

I’m often the worst offender at creating an over complicated life, but knowing it is half of fixing it……and come to think of it; schwimmin and schwingin might be the other half.

Hey, Sarah has some incredible stuff coming out of the kitchen; we’ve had nothing but rave reviews.

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